Onyx and Ivory



Onyx and Ivory specializes in both PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOGRAPHY.

We are based out of Dallas, Texas and available for travel worldwide.

Dallas photographer


With 10 years of experience behind a camera, we are a trusted service who has turned clients into friends along the way. While our focus is on couples, weddings and individual portraits, we also offer photo sessions that will fulfill the needs of almost everything in between.


PORTRAITS: As a photographer, I LOVE the art of photography and the freedom for creativity. However, I take most pride in how we make our clients feel when they leave our sessions. My favorite thing about individual portraits is getting the opportunity to build relationships and connect with each individual one on one. We create a comfortable environment for each client to express their individuality and I absolutely love watching their characters come to life on camera! We laugh, we sing, we dance, oh...and we take photos! Each session is a new chance to empower each individual, because self-confidence is where real beauty truly begins.

COUPLES/WEDDINGS: Any lovers in here? Our style thrives on the most wild, adventurous, passionate, romantic, unique and daring couples. Our portraits are film inspired, based on interaction and real emotions, and we absolutely love capturing those dreamy moments and bottling them up - yours to keep forever.




Videography: We are officially professional third wheelers. And we love it. My husband and I started our journey of film making shortly after our wedding because we fell in love with the art of cinematic story-telling. Our style caters to couples who have a fiery passion for adventure and who are wildly in love. We love those in between moments of laughter and bliss, and getting to see the raw emotion that our couples exude. We want to know and see your deepest admiration for one another. We want to see all the little quirks that make your relationship YOURS. We want to hit all the feels. We want to tell your story!






We are onyx and Ivory - a husband and wife duo. Our marriage is one of our greatest pieces of inspiration. We have taught each other to find beauty in the smallest things in life and we enjoy celebrating our unique story and the stories of those closest to us.

We believe that everyone is created uniquely and with great purpose. We capture the ancient spirit of adventure, love, friendship, family and beauty of all domains. Our responsibility is to learn your story, become familiar with all the things that stir your soul, and then forge our frames into a priceless story that you can share with the ones you love most. We strive to create art that feels. We are adventurers, story tellers and artists. Much like a classic piece of literature, even a fantastic story can read underwhelming if written by the wrong hands. Allow us to craft a permanent and tangible keepsake from your most cherished and intangible moments. With intentionality, we fuse state-of-the-art with primitive emotion to chronicle whatever you hold dear.

There are countless stories, but only one is yours.




I am the photographer of our duo! I am also a film maker, editor, wife, dream chaser, adventurer, Netflix binger and chocolate lover. The mountains are where I feel most at home, and I love doing life with my best friend. Documenting and preserving life through portraiture and film is my passion.

My style is curated based on my love for natural light, the outdoors, and the desire to get to know my clients and reflect their personalities through my lens. I believe that photos are poetry in motion, so I strive to capture the character and spirit of a person in order to share their story. I live for those raw and genuine moments. The moments that carry an abundance of emotion. One of my favorite things about my "job" is getting the opportunity to build relationships and connect with my clients. They become partners in the creative process and are directly involved in the artistic expression. My favorite photos are those that have laughs leaping out of the frame, and innocent,genuine moments that leave a stranger smiling. As food is fuel to the body, a photograph is fuel to a memory; and I feel so incredibly blessed and honored to capture lasting and tangible memories for each and every couple, individual, and family I meet.




I am a film maker, audio specialist, and film editor. I originally created marketing films for sports teams and player documentaries but have since found great fulfillment in helping people tell their personal love stories. The world needs love more than ever today and true love should be celebrated. I enjoy working with my wife to forge a cherished keepsake that will celebrate a couple's story for generations to come.




*We take on a limited number of sessions per year to make sure we provide the proper attention to all of our clients. We look forward to hearing from you!